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WEBSHOP » Shuttle & Bespanmachine » Siboasi 223 s manueel

Siboasi 223 s manueel

Siboasi 223 s manueel Siboasi 223 s manueel

Siboasi 223 s manueel Siboasi 223 s manueelSiboasi 223 s manueel Siboasi 223 s manueel


€ 750,00 € 735,00



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Samen met een Nederlandse partner presenteren we een gamma bespanmachine's
Siboasi S223 manual stringing machine

The most professional manual stringing machine without electricity. Easier stringing than a lever machine and lower price than an electric machine. This stringing machine works with a linear pull mechanism which protects the string when pulled!
– Excellent stringing machine with a twist-pull mechanism.
– 6-point clamping with V-fiction and fine adjustment, prevents any form of sliding of the racket frame.
– Exact adjustment from 5 – 40 kg.
– Weight setting in kg and pounds.
– For tennis, squash and badminton rackets.
– Self-regulating and belt-protecting linear quick-release mechanism, the string only needs to be placed between the metal quick-release and the machine fixes the string automatically.
– The turning mechanism can be adjusted both right-handed and left-handed.
– Including 2 universal stationary 5-finger clamping pliers for distribution of the force on the string. These can be rotated 360 degrees and are adjustable in height.
– Including machine accessories.
– There is 2 year warranty in our own service center, we repair everything ourselves, even remotely if possible.
It includes a complete toolset with awls, nose plier, cutting plier and some maintenance parts for future maintenance. Because a manual machine is not exactly the right amount of kg’s, it is advised to calibrate the machine with a calibrate tool (select when buying), especially when you plan to string for others. For private use you know your preferred tension after a few rackets strung and a calibrate tool is then not necessary. De Racketclub can also offer 5 sets of different strings for budget price, this is nice for finding your preferred kind of string and practice with the stringing machine.
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